Lewis Hamilton Supports Young Drivers in Beijing, China

Three time Formula One world champion, Lewis Hamilton, visited the Beijing Rui Si Race Track where he was greeted by over 400 fans. Accompanying him at the track was superstar singer, actor and racing fanatic, JJ Lin.

Lewis was greeted and spent time with a group of young aspiring racers, aged between 7-8 years old, the same age he was when he started go-karting. He watched the children speed around the local track, reminiscing about the feeling of adrenaline and freedom he felt being in his go-kart at that age, "I loved go-karting when I was younger - it was the sound, the exhilaration of the speed that got me. Also, the fact that I could just do it, and had no fear about doing it. Go-karting is one of the best forms of racing."

Lewis congratulated the young drivers, awarding them miniature replica versions of his own helmet and caps, whilst signing their t-shirts and helmets. He gave the young drivers and local fans an invaluable experience, to share the track with an international champion and sporting icon.

At the track, he also met with, Wei Li Gang, who offered a lesson in ancient Chinese Calligraphy, in which he wrote the word 'car' using traditional tools on parchment paper.

The visit takes place ahead of the Shanghai Grand Prix this week (6-9th April) and offers an opportunity for Lewis to explore, experience and learn about local Chinese culture.