Echo is an interactive reflex of the sound wave from internal to the external world. Its functionality underlines the context of the world. Every collision of the echoing sounds is the starting point of a new narrative. It is seemingly a kind of disarray yet contains infinite brand new possibilities.


The plan of echo is like calligraphic art. It is a wordless poem, a formless dance, a picture without images and music without sound. The goal is the sediment, accumulation and evolution of the new culture. “Intangibility” and “nothingness” as true essence of aesthetics are introduced into the everyday life of the common people.
Each breath we take is given a new melody and rhythm. This is the future of the plan of Echo and the role it is going to undertake.




The aesthetic appeal of calligraphy lies not in the endless pursuit for aesthetics itself, but rather in the dexterity of thoughts during the interacting of all matters in the world.

It’s the fusion of a mind at ease, a heart in self cultivation and the experience of realization. The dialogue between id and the surrounding gives form to the value of humanity in a new era. We have not defined how these two are supposed to interconnect more closely. But we are exploring with an interdisciplinary artistic cooperation and try to blur the fundamental border between art genres, thereby bring to light the posture of calligraphy as a messenger of new values for the universal world.


Fusion is not a simple integration of different genres. What is crucial is whether such merging produces a creative new sense of perception. The fruit of such fusion will go beyond all the existing cognition model in a brand new posture, and brings abut a positive and affirmative impact on calligraphy as well as all forms of art.

Founder: Howard Lau
Oversea Director: Linda Cooper
Organizer: Wang Qing Yun Studio / Today Art Museum
Opening: 2pm,  30th Aug 2015
Duration: 30th Aug - 09th Sep 2015
Venue:1F/2F Exhibition hall of building NO.3,
Today Art Museum
Opening Hours: 10a.m. - 6p.m.
Sponsored By BMW.    

An Echo Video